The Europe on Screen Film Festival shows a selection of the best European films. In 2017 it will be held Jakarta, Medan, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Bali.

The festival is divided into 3 big sections 3 smaller sections.



In the XTRA section we show 18 films. These films are a box office hit in Europe or an Oscar winner or a Cannes winner. They are shown in our 5 main venues: the Erasmus Huis, The GoetheHaus, the Institut Francais, the Istituto Italiano and the Kineforum. FOR FREE.

Di bagian XTRA kami menampilkan 18 film. Film-film ini adalah film box office di Eropa atau pemenang Piala Oscar atau pemenang Festival Film Cannes. Film- film ini akan di putar di Erasmus Huis, GoetheHaus, Institut Francais, Istituto Italiano dan Kineforum. Semuanya GRATIS.



In the DISCOVERY section we show equally good films from established directors like the Dardenne brothers, Jerzy Skolimowski, Fatih Akin or good films from talented or emerging directors.

This section means discovering a unique film like “Mustang” from Deniz Ergüven. The film won Best First Film at the César Awards in 2016. Or the Hungarian film “Son of Saul” that won the Oscar for best foreign film in 2016.

Di bagian DISCOVERY kami menampilkan film yang sama bangusnya dari sutradara yang terkenal seperti Dardenne brothers, Jerzy Skolimowski, Fatih Akin, atau film yang menarik dari sutradara yang berbakat.



In the DOCU section we show European top quality documentaries.

Every year we have great documentaries. This year we have “A Syrian Love Story”, filmed over a period of 5 years and “Clear Years” filmed over a period of 9 years. And it shows. They are fascinating documentaries. This year, again, you can see that European filmmakers have an open mind and make documentaries about subjects inside and outside Europe.

Di bagian DOCU kami menampilkan film dokumenter teratas dari Eropa.



In the RETRO section we show 3 films from the Spanish master Luis Buñuel and 3 films from Alfred Hitchcock, the Master of Suspense.

One of the films from Alfred Hitchcock is the film “Blackmail“ (1929).  This film was made in the transition period from silent movies to talkies.  This program is a co-operation between Europe on Screen and the Sjuman School of Music. 6 students of the music school will compose an original score for the movie and the music score will be executed live by the Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Salah satu film dari Alfred Hitchcock di bagian RETRO/FOCUS adalah “Blackmail” (1929). Film ini dibuat pada zaman transisi dari film bisu ke film suara. Program ini merupakan kerjasama Europe on Screen dan Sjuman School of Music. 7 siswa  sekolah tersebut menyusun skor musik dari film bisu dan musik skor ini akan di eksekusi oleh Trinity Youth Symphony Orchestra.



Lastly we have our OPEN AIR SCREENINGS. Once again the Open Air Screenings will be held every evening outside the Erasmus Huis, 4 evenings at the Bintaro Exchange Shopping Mall and 6 days at the Gandaria City Mall.

The screenings are for free and all films are subtitled in Indonesian.

We show popular European films that have been released in the cinema in Indonesia the previous years. Or films that we found suitable to show in the Open Air.

Sekali lagi pemutaran Open Air akan di adakan setiap malam di Erasmus Huis, 4 malam di Mall Bintaro Exchange dan 6 hari di Gandaria City Mall.

Film-Film di Bintaro XChange dan Gandaria City Mall dilengkapi dengan subtitle Bahasa Indonesia. Semua gratis.



We have international  guests (director, producer, actor and documentary filmmaker) who will attend the screenings for Q & A.

Tanya – Jawab kami juga mendatangkan tamu internasional (sutradara, produser, actor) yang akan menghadiri pemutaran filmnya untuk sesi tanya-jawab.

Festival Committee