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A Long Story

After the death of his French wife, Ward tries to pick up the pieces back home in Holland. He hires the Romanian construction worker Doru to paint his house, but when Doru suddenly disappears, Ward is left with Doru’s nine year old son Mihai. Ward decides to take the boy on a trip to Romania to find his mother. During the… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2013 / 89 Min / 12+

It is a love story of Nijolė Bražėnaitė-Paronetto and Juozas Lukša- Daumantas.  In 1948, Nijolė met Juozas in Paris and in 1950 they got married.  Unfortunately, after a month they were forced to separate forever.  J. Lukša-Daumantas, leader of the Lithuanian partisans, was killed in September 1951.  In 1953, Nijolė emigrated to the USA and… Read more »

Lithuania Lithuania / 2011 / 52 min / G
En duva satt på en gren och funderade på tillvaron

Swedish master Roy Andersson (See RETRO) returns with an absurdist and surrealistic comedy, which moves freely from reality to nightmare to fantasy. The story loosely follows Sam and Jonathan, two traveling salesmen, who unsuccessfully try to win customers for their joke articles (vampire teeth, laughing bags and a monster mask). There is no main storyline in the traditional sense. However, all scenes are connected. –… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2014 / 101 Min / 12+
A Royal Night Out

On V.E. Night in 1945 the whole of London is on the streets to celebrate the official end of World War II in Europe. The future Queen of England, Elizabeth, and her sister Margaret, aged 19 and 14, are allowed out (incognito) to join the celebrations. It is a night full of excitement, danger and the first flutters of romance. The parents start… Read more »

UK UK / 2015 / 97 Min / 12+
Le voyage dans la lune

Inspired by Jules Verne’s novels “From the Earth to the Moon” and “Around the Moon”, the whimsical fantasy film follows a group of astronomers travelling to the Moon in a cannon-propelled capsule. They explore the Moon’s surface, escape from an underground group of Selenites (lunar inhabitants), and return with a splashdown to Earth with a… Read more »

France France / 1902 / 13 min. / 12+

ABENDLAND is a film poem that undertakes a long, associative journey, surveying Europe by night in terms of its many different facets. Through the lens of Nikolaus Geyrhalter, the film takes us to images with a wealth of details during the night work throughout Europe that eventually make us look at things in a new… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2012 / 90 min / G
Abi Means Papa

Armin is Indonesian and adopted by Swiss parents. At the age of 19, by accident, he discovered his adoption documents. That same year he went to Indonesia to see his birth mother for the first time. She tells him that his birth father had disappeared. Six years later we follow Armin traveling to Indonesia to find his birth father. His birth mother… Read more »

Switzerland Switzerland / 2014 / 78 Min / 12+
Henkesi edestä

Kiia and Lauri are speeding on a dark country road to the hospital. Kiia, in premature labor, holds the wheel. The car hits something. Lauri takes a look and assures his wife it was nothing. They rush to the hospital and Kiia gives birth to a healthy baby boy. In the hospital Kiia befriends Hanna, whose husband is in a… Read more »

Finland Finland / 2015 / 92 Min / 12+
Lucia de B.

Based on the true story. Nurse Lucia (40) was present at one inexplicable death too many. The hospital alerts the police. A young District Attorney (28), Judith, gets involved and Lucia is sentenced to life in prison. But doubt hits Judith. She discovers inconsistencies in the witness statements and the suppression of lab evidence. Judith teams up with Lucia’s lawyer, but at every appeal… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2014 / 97 Min / 12+
Michiel de Ruyter

Michiel de Ruyter (1607-1676) was one of the largest innovators in sea-combat and therefore he became the most famous admiral in Dutch history. Held in the highest esteem by his sailors and soldiers, he was known for his refusal to back away from risky and bold challenges. The film Admiral is a visually stunning, swashbuckling story of legendary naval battles, civil war, and… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2015 / 151 Min / 12+

AFGHAN STAR follows the dramatic stories of four young finalists—two men and two women—of an American Idol-styled TV series in Afghanistan.  Since 2005, after thirty years of war and five devastating years of Taliban rule, pop culture is beginning to return to the country.  These four finalists risk everything to become the nation’s favorite performer…. Read more »

UK UK / 2009 / 87 min / G
After the Tone

“After the Tone” is not exactly an ordinary film. The main character is Onno’s answering machine. Onno is not available. We hear voicemail messages of friends and relatives. We see what the callers see: images of a business park in Amsterdam to a palm beach in the Pacific. On the day that Onno has won an important prize, he disappeared. And… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2014 / 85 Min / 12+
Ai weiwei: The fake case

After 81 days of solitary detention famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei is put under house arrest. Cameras monitor his home, police agents follow him and he is met with a lawsuit, soon to be named ‘The Fake Case’. Ai Weiwei steadily finds new ways to challenge the authorities in his fight for human rights. He… Read more »

Denmark Denmark / 2013 / 86 min. / 12+

On the night of Alfie’s seventh birthday, he suddenly changes into a small, white, furry wolf.  Under the full moon, he runs through the park, chasing chickens and ducks.  The next morning, he wakes up as himself.  Alfie has no idea what is happening.  Worried that his parents won’t accept his newfound identity, Alfie is… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2011 / 89 min. / G

Having previously won the Palme d’Or in 2009 for The White Ribbon, Michael Haneke officially solidified himself as a a director whose work would forever and always have a place in the the history of cinema with this year’s Palme d’Or-winning AMOUR. Critically hailed as a masterpiece, this film is a portrait of Georges and… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2012 / 127 min / G