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Snabba cash

““JW” Westlund (Joel Kinnaman) is a handsome business student who presents an image of wealth to his privileged peers but secretly drives a taxi and sells term papers to fellow students.  Jorge (Matias Varela) is a drug dealer and a fugitive.  Mrado (Dragomir Vrsic) is an ageing bounty hunter who has been assigned to kill… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2010 / 124 min / 17+
Snabba cash - Livet deluxe

EASY MONEY: LIVE DELUXE—like its prequels—presents its 3 main characters in seemingly separate storylines. JW now lives in exile and is more than ever determined to find out what happened to his missing sister Camilla. Every trace leads him to the world of organized crime in Stockholm. Jorge is about to do his last score… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2013 / 127 min. / 17+

The starred chef Ferran Adrià is known as the best, most innovative and craziest cook in the world.Every year, the restaurant closes for six months.  During this time, Adrià and his creative team retire to their cooking laboratory in Barcelona, to create a new menu for the following season. Everything is allowed – except of… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2011 / 108 min / G
Eldorado XXI

This 21st century El Dorado is a haunting place. People work in the most precarious of conditions, hoping for gold and a better life. The film has a cinematic style to convey the extremity of the situation: a long single take from a fixed camera position shows an endless stream of mine workers, day and night, voiceovers speak of cold, hunger, poverty,… Read more »

Portugal Portugal / 2016 / 125 Min / 12+
Empire Me - Der Staat bin ich!

EMPIRE ME, a documentary made with a road-movie-style, captures the search for the phenomenon of “micro-nation” movement all over the world.  It presents the six most visionary self-proclaimed kingdoms and miniature states, which produces their own laws, languages, stamps, and currency notes.  Despite their differences of names, form, and ideology, they all have one thing… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2011 / 100 min / 12+
Enzo Avitabile Music Life

This documentary is a portrait of Neapolitan saxophonist and singer-songwriter EnzoAvitabile (58 years old), who combines his love of world music and jazz fusion with forgotten instruments and local folk drum rhythms. Oscar winner Jonathan Demme (“The Silence of the Lambs”), who discovered Avitabile’s music on the radio in 2006, follows Avitabile’s travels around Naples… Read more »

Ernest et Célestine

ERNEST & CELESTINE is set in two parallel worlds.  The bears live above ground in a sleepy-looking town, while the mice dwell below the earth.  Bear teeth are vital for the mice’s survival, hence dentist is considered as a very important profession in the mice’s world.  However, a young mouse orphan, Celestine, has no interest… Read more »

France France / 2012 / 80 min. / G

A few days before his son’s First Communion, Michal returns to his hometown to run an errand for his boss. When things take on a different turn and he has to stay in town for a few days, his past lurks back into his life. *** Beberapa hari sebelum komuni pertama anaknya, Michal harus kembali… Read more »

Poland Poland / 2011 / 95 min / G
Finalis Kompetisi Film Pendek 2015

On The Way 2013                18 min. Dir. Jeihan Angga Wawan seorang perantauan yang jauh dari tempat asalnya. Suatu pagi kakaknya menelepon, meminta Wawan untuk pulang menjenguk ibunya yang sedang sakit keras. Dengan berat hati Wawan melakukan perjalanan pulang. Wawan lives in a city far from his family. One morning his brother calls, asking him to… Read more »

2013-2015 / 20 min. / 12+
Finalis Kompetisi Film Pendek Europe on Screen 2014

BARBIE | Barbie 2012 | 8 min. Dir. Rembulan Sekarjati & Sesarina Puspita Gadis-gadis cilik berdandan dan bermain dengan boneka Barbie. Sesungguhnya mereka ingin sekali menjadi para ibu yang mereka idolakan. Little girls play dress up with their Barbies. They wish to be just like their idolized moms. WACHTENSTAAD | Wachtenstaad 2014 | 16 min…. Read more »

2012-2014 / 90 min. / 12+

A telegram arrives from France for Magdalena (Adriana Rose) telling that his brother Luca has died.  Together with her son, Nae (Aron Dimény), she embarks on a journey to buried Luka in the cemetery of his home town in Sulina, Rumania, as his last wish.  Luca’s death marks the return journey Magdalena and Nae more… Read more »

Romania Romania / 2010 / 98 min / G

The story intertwines between Columbus’ arrival in the Americas and the making of a film. It mixes the Spanish exploitation of gold in the 16th century with the fight for water in Cochabamba in the year 2000. *** Film ini menggabungkan kisah kedatangan Columbus di Amerika dengan pembuatan sebuah film. Memadukan eksploitasi emas Spanyol pada… Read more »

Spain Spain / 2011 / 103 min / G