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Hannah Arendt

In 1961, the German philosopher Hannah Arendt reports on the trial of Nazi war-criminal Adolf Eichmann for the New Yorker. While observing the trial, the Holocaust survivor concludes that Eichmann was not a monster, but an ordinary man who buried his conscience through his obedience to the Nazi. Her articles result in a public controversy…. Read more »

Germany Germany / 2013 / 113 min. / 17+

Roger Brown (Aksel Hennie) is a successful but insecure corporate recruiter who lives a double life as an art thief.  He believes that wealth is the only thing that can switch an ordinary man like himself, into a desirable man especially for his wife.  By chance, he sees an opportunity to steal a priceless artwork… Read more »

Norway Norway / 2011 / 100 min / G
Coup de chaud

Life is difficult in a small, peaceful village in the South of France, due to a sweltering heat wave. Water grows scarce and the people grow wary. Everyone is under pressure, especially the farmers whose fields are not irrigated. The villagers are less and less tolerable towards a mentally handicapped young man, Joseph Bousou, The… Read more »

France France / 2015 / 102 Min / 17+

Helen (Ashley Judd), an intelligent university professor, is happily married to David and enjoys a loving relationship with her teenage daughter from her previous marriage, Julie. Despite all her good fortunes, Helen is suffering cracks in her psyche. An unexpected breakdown sends her spiralling into severe depression. The once inseparable family is now tearing apart…. Read more »

Germany Germany / 2009 / 120 min. / 17+

HELL is a German post-apocalyptic film produced by Roland Emmerich, who is famous for making disaster films.  “Hell” is actually German for “bright” and the film is about a near future where the Sun has scorched the Earth into a barren wasteland.  Marie (Hannah Herzsprung), her little sister Leonie (Lisa Vicari), and Phillip (Lars Eidinger)… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2011 / 89 min / G
Her er Harold

For over 40 years, Harold has been running a successful small furniture shop together with his wife, Marny. But when IKEA decides to open a new superstore right next door, Harold and Marny are unable to compete and lose both their shop and their home to the bank. In mounting anger and desperation, Harold wants… Read more »

Norway Norway / 2014 / 87 Min / 17+

The cargo ship MV Rozen is heading for the harbor when it is hijacked by Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean. Amongst the men on board are the ship’s cook Mikkel (Johan Philip ‘Pilou’ Asbæk) and the engineer Jan, who along with the rest of the seamen are taken hostage in a cynical game of… Read more »

Denmark Denmark / 2012 / 103 min. / 12+
Holy Cow

Tapdig has a dream of bringing a European cow into his picturesque village in Azerbaijan to improve the condition of his poor family. He finds out that a European cow can provide four times more milk per day than a local cow. But his wife won’t allow it and also The Old Men, who rule the village, don’t want… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2015 / 77 Min / 12+
Home less

Mark Reay seems to live the glamorous New York City life; handsome and always impeccably dressed, a charismatic former male model now works as a fashion photographer. But, when the day is over, he heads to the East Village, to a hidden corner of a rooftop to sleep like a vagabond every night. Mark’s life… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2014 / 83 min. / 17+
Il capitale umano

Lake Como, Italy. On a snowy winter night a waiter is cycling home from work and is hit by a SUV. The driver flees, leaving the waiter on the street badly injured. The waiter is hospitalized and close to death. The police investigation connects the lives of two well-known families. Telling the story from 3 different perspectives, the film explores love,… Read more »

Italy Italy / 2013 / 111 Min / 12+
Magyar bajusz

Hungarian Moustache is a humourous documentary about a group of Hungarian patriots who identify themselves through their moustache.  A moustache in general is a symbol of manhood and patriotism for them, but the big and bushy Hungarian moustache is something even bigger: it is a style that appears in the European Moustache Championship as an… Read more »

Hungary Hungary / 2012 / 30 min / G