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A young Peruvian bear travels to London in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone at Paddington Station, he meets the kind Brown family, who offer him a temporary haven. All is well until this rare bear catches the eye of a museum taxidermist. – Seekor beruang muda yang berasal dari Peru melakukan… Read more »

UK UK / 2014 / 95 Min / G

From multicultural Paris to designer Paris, Montmartre to the Champs-Elysées, sleazy sidewalks to high-end galleries… Watch out! Sam the courier is a man on a mission! On his scooter, Sam breaks every rule of the road to fullfil the “express delivery” promise of the courier service he works for. But however hard he tries, Sam… Read more »

France France / 2010 / 90 min / G

Fred (Colm Meaney) is a middle-aged man who has returned to Dublin from years living in the UK.  Without a home and unable to claim financial assistance, he lives an isolated lonely life in his car in a car-park by the beach.  Also living in a neighboring space is Cathal (Colin Morgan) a young drug… Read more »

Ireland Ireland / 2010 / 94 min / 12+

PEOPLE ON SUNDAY is a silent film which marks the beginning of internationally successful career of 6 artists: Billy Wilder, Robert and Curt Siodmak, Edgar G Ulmer, Eugen Schfftan dan Fred Zinneman.  It was an independent and experimental low budget film, created while they were still unknown young talents living in Berlin.  This authentic scenes of… Read more »

Germany Germany / 1930 / 73 min / G
Pepe Mujica - Lektionen eines Erdklumpens

José “Pepe” Mujica is known as the poorest president on earth: he gives away 70% of his income. In the 1970s, when Uruguay was a dictatorship, he was a founding member of the guerrilla group “Tupamaros”. He spent many years in prison, during which he was tortured. Currently the president of Uruguay is considered one of the most charismatic politicians of Latin America. The… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2014 / 90 Min / 12+

Falling pregnant as a teenager in Ireland in 1952, Philomena was sent to the Catholic convent of Roscrea to be looked after as a “fallen woman”. When her baby was only a toddler, he was taken away by the nuns for adoption in America. Philomena spent the next fifty years searching for him in vain…. Read more »

2013 / 98 min. / 12+

As Norway starts its oil boom in the early 1980s, the authorities aim to bring the oil ashore through a pipeline from depths of 500 meters. Petter, a professional diver, is ready for this dangerous mission. But when an accident occurs to him, he realizes that the government has a hidden agenda. Petter loses sight… Read more »

Norway Norway / 2013 / 111 min. / 17+

PLAYTIME was French’s most expensive film in its time. This was Tati’s fourth feature and said to be a very brave attempt to explore the possibilities of 70mm as they had never been utilized before. Featuring his notable character Monsieur Hulot, Tati tried to move on by squeezing random characters into the film. The tall,… Read more »

France France / 1967 / 115 min. / G
Pelle Politibil på sporet

Ploddy the Police Car stumbles on criminals threatening rare animals when he meets the Crown Princess. She will open a new theme park. Now Ploddy the Police Car is assigned to guard the biggest attraction there: an endangered eagle mother and her egg. When two female thieves steal the eagle mother and Pelle ends up… Read more »

Norway Norway / 2013 / 72 min. / 12+

Cristi is an undercover cop whoexperiences a crisis of conscience. He must either allow the arrest of a teenager to be a burden on his conscience, or face sanctions from his superior. *** Cristi adalah polisi yang sedang menyamar untuk penangkapan seorang anak sekolah yang menjual ganja. Hati nurani Cristi terusik, di satu sisi ia… Read more »

Romania Romania / 2009 / 115 min / G

Based on a true story, in 1984, a group of gay and lesbian activists decide to raise money to support the families of striking miners. But the miners are embarrassed to receive their support. The gay activists continue to help the miners during their lengthy strike. And so begins the extraordinary story of two seemingly… Read more »

UK UK / 2014 / 119 min. / 17+

Afghanistan. Sara and Najibeh were put in jail because they had a relationship with a man. After being released from prison they fear for their life. Sara escapes to Sweden but Najibeh stays behind. In Sweden a new world opens up for Sara. Meanwhile her prison mate Najibeh disappears and soon Sara gets the news… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2016 / 90 Min / 17+

Mirsa is an ageing punk rocker who, at 40 years old, still lives with his mother and sells a little pot. One day an Albanian acquaintance asks him to assemble his old punk band back together to play a concert in Albania. Initially hesitant, the promise of a little money and of reliving his prime… Read more »

Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia / 2011 / 100 min / G

Terje Brofos, stage name “Pushwagner”, is a Norwegian pop artist known for his sketches in a disarmingly simple, comic book style.  He is known mostly for his paintings about the Apocalypse and the “family man.” He also wrote a graphic novel in the ’70s that was lost in a suitcase, only to turn up three… Read more »

Norway Norway / 2011 / 73 min / 12+