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S Is for Stanley

Filmmaker Stanley Kubrick (1928–1999) has always been depicted by the media as a weird artist obsessed with his work to the point of seclusion. Until now. Emilio D’Alessandro, Stanley Kubrick’s personal driver, tells about his unlikely friendship that lasted over 30 years. Accompanied by Emilio’s narration, we see photographs from Emilio’s personal collection and photos taken on the film sets: from house parties… Read more »

Italy Italy / 2015 / 78 Min / 12+

From the highly regarded director Lasse Hallstrom (“Chocolat”, “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”, “Dear John”) and the Oscar-winning screenwriter of Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours comes the inspirational comedy SALMON FISHING IN YEMEN.  When Britain’s leading fisheries expert Alfred is approached by a consultant Harriet to help realize a sheikh’s vision of bringing the sport of… Read more »

UK UK / 2011 / 107 min / G
Sammy’s avonturen 2

Sammy and Ray, leatherback turtles and friends forever, are shepherding newly-hatched grandchildren, Ricky and Ella out to sea.  Sammy and Ray are busy organizing the commute of baby turtles to the sea when they are attacked by seagulls.  Their tranquil routine is quickly thrown into chaos when Sammy and Ray are captured and shipped off… Read more »

Belgium Belgium / 2012 / 92 min / G

The hamlet of Santoalla, in the northwest of Spain, has just a few inhabitants when Dutch couple Martin Verfondern and Margo Pool move into one of the deserted ruins to live a simple life on the land – a dream they had long cherished. But the arrival of the foreigners disrupts the traditional life of… Read more »

Spain Spain / 2016 / 83 Min / 17+
Searching for Sugar Man

In 1968, in a downtown Detroit bar, a charismatic Mexican-American singer/songwriter named Rodriguez played melodies that bewitched two producers—enough to make them offer an album contract. The album turned into a commercial disaster and thus ended Rodriguez’s recording career before it had even started. Rodriquez once more became unknown… except in South Africa, where his… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2012 / 86 min. / G
Sergeant Pepper

Felix’s parents are worried. Felix is six years old and is wearing a tiger costume all day. He insists that his stuffed animals are talking to him and that he does not have a single human friend to speak to—nor does he want one. On the other side of town, a millionaire leaves his fortune… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2004 / 98 min. / G
Wir wollten aufs Meer

East Germany, 1984. Two friends have set their sights on seeing the world as sailors. A few years pass and they are still on land. Then the Stasi approaches them with a proposition: they are to find out whether their foreman is planning to flee to the West. Their reward: a career at sea. The… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2012 / 116 min. / 17+

Here are the finalists of the short film competition this year.(the films will be screened in the following order)Berikut adalah para finalis Kompetisi Film Pendek tahun ini.(film-filmnya akan diputar dalam urutan berikut)1. Red Umbrella | Payung Merah (2012, 9:30 min)   Directed by | Disutradarai oleh: Andri Cung, Edward GunawanTaxi driver Reza learns to appreciate his… Read more »

Indonesia Indonesia / 2012 / 97 min / 12+
L’enfant d’en haut

Simon (Kacey Mottet Klein) is a poor twelve-year-old boy who lives near the base of a ski resort in the Swiss alps.  He shares a hole of an apartment with his older unreliable sister Louise (the rising star Léa Seydoux), a girl who despite their crummy circumstance, can’t be bothered trying to keep a job,… Read more »

Switzerland Switzerland / 2012 / 97 min / 17+

This is the story of six Bulgarians in their twenties, who all for different reasons have miserable lives in the city.  Each of them decide to head to a wild and empty beach on the Black Sea coast, where their lives intersect during the course of a summer.  They have all abandoned the city and… Read more »

Bulgaria Bulgaria / 2011 / 111 min / 17+

The 20th century as told by great filmmakers: the birth stories of films reveal histories lived, stories from childhood and the early years

Finland Finland / 2010 / 90 min / G
Saul fia

October 1944, Auschwitz-Birkenau. Two days in the life of Saul Ausländer, Jewish Hungarian prisoner working as a member of the Sonderkommando unit. This group is forced to assist the Nazis in the machinery of large-scale extermination. While working in one of the crematoriums, Saul discovers the body of a boy he takes for his son…. Read more »

Hungary Hungary / 2015 / 107 Min / 17+
Song for Marion

Arthur, a shy and grumpy pensioner, honors his recently deceased wife’s passion for performing by joining the unconventional local choir she used to be in. Arthur is confronted with the undercurrents of his own grumbling persona as he embarks on a hilarious, life-affirming journey of self-discovery. Little does he know that by joining the choir,… Read more »

UK UK / 2012 / 93 min. / 17+
Sånger från andra våningen

This unique comedy shows the brilliant and off-beat worldview of Swedish filmmaker Roy Andersson who won The Golden Lion in Venice 2014 (See DISCOVERY). Described by critic J. Hoberman as slapstick Ingmar Bergman, the film unfolds as a series of comic inter-connected vignettes which portray scenes from an urban world that has ground to a halt and whose citizens teeter on the brink of madness…. Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2000 / 98 Min / 12+

If 18-year old Sonita had a say in things, Rihanna would be her mother. Sonita, a refugee from Afghanistan in Iran, dreams of being a rapper. Although women in Iran are not allowed to sing, she tries Iranian recording studios to sign her. Back home her family has decided to sell her as a bride for $9,000. How can Sonita succeed in… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2015 / 90 Min / 12+