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A temperamental old woman, her maid and a socially-conscious neighbor live on the same floor of a Lisbon apartment building. After the old lady’s death, the other two women find out about an episode from her past: a story of love and crime set in an Africa. A story about a man who had a secret connection with her while she was… Read more »

Portugal Portugal / 2012 / 118 Min / 12+
Las Aventuras de Tadeo Jones

Inspired by the ingenious franchise Indiana Jones, this feature-length 3D animation tells a tale of an ordinary man who dreams of something bigger. Fast-paced and backed with One Direction’s music, Tad the Lost Explorer is an enjoyable watch for those who seek laughter. Tadeo has always dreamed becoming a famous archeologist and adventurer just like… Read more »

Spain Spain / 2012 / 92 min. / G
Il racconto dei racconti

Once upon a time there were three neighboring kingdoms each with a magnificent castle, from which ruled kings and queens, princes and princesses. One king was a fornicating libertine, another captivated by a strange animal, while one of the queens was obsessed by her wish for a child. Sorcerers and fairies, fearsome monsters, ogres, old washerwomen, acrobats and courtesans are the protagonists of this… Read more »

Italy Italy / 2015 / 125 Min / 12+
Hundraåringen som klev ut genom fönstret och försvann

Dynamite expert Allan Karlsson climbs, on his 100th birthday, out of the window and decides it’s not too late to start over. For most people it would be the adventure of a lifetime, but Allan Karlsson’s unexpected journey is not the first. For long Allan has made the world uncertain on historical moments, and now… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2013 / 114 min. / 12+
The Angels' Share

Winner of the Jury Prize and also a nominee of the Palm d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival 2012, ANGELS’ SHARE tells the story of Robbie (Paul Brannigan), who is assigned to community service due to his violent behaviour. When he holds his newborn son for the first time, he realises that he does not… Read more »

UK UK / 2012 / 101 min. / 17+
L'arrivo di Wang

A Chinese-language interpreter Gaia (Francesca Cuttica) can’t believe her luck. She is offered a job that pays her well, but she has to do it under special circumstances. She is blindfolded, escorted to a secret location in Rome. She is locked inside a pitch-black room and then asked to interpret the harsh interrogation of ‘Wang’…. Read more »

Italy Italy / 2011 / 80 min. / 12+
Autobiografia lui Nicolae Ceausescu

Using footages provided by the Romanian National Television and National Film Archives, this film opens and closes with rough video of the hasty trial before Ceauşescu and his wife were executed in 1989.  Even there, he is defiant and self-regarding to the very end.  Crafted by Romanian filmmaker Andrei Ujic, with the phenomenal editing and… Read more »

Romania Romania / 2010 / 180 min / 17+
La migliore offerta

Virgil Oldman (Geoffrey Rush) is a world-renowned antiques expert and auctioneer. His solitary life is suddenly disrupted when Claire, a beautiful but emotionally damaged woman, hires him to oversee the valuation and sale of her family’s priceless art collection. At first Claire refuses to be seen in person. When they meet Virgil Oldman allows himself… Read more »

Italy Italy / 2013 / 131 min. / 17+

THE BONE MAN is a dark-comedy thriller, adapted from popular Austrian author Wolf Haasë’s crime novel. In this bizarre tale of blackmail, murder and cannibalism, filled with eccentric characters and strange twists, private investigator Brenner (Josef Hader) finds an intriguing bone-grinding machine in a fast-food restaurant while searching for a missing man. A secondary investigation… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2009 / 117 min / G
The Boy Who Was a King

At the age of six, Simeon Saxe-Coburg Gotha was crowned Tsar of Bulgaria. Exiled at the age of nine by the Communist dictatorship right after World War II, Simeon returned triumphantly 55 years later in 2001 as Prime Minister. Unfortunately, this new position as Prime Minister did not end up as a Hollywood happy ending… Read more »

Bulgaria Bulgaria / 2011 / 90 min. / 12+
The Broken Circle Breakdown

Elise and Didier fall in love at first sight, despite their differences. Their love for music and for each other makes them dive into a sweeping romance. Yet, when their daughter becomes seriously ill, their undying love is tested. An intensely moving portrait of a relationship from beginning to end, propelled by a soundtrack of… Read more »

Belgium Belgium / 2013 / 111 min. / 17+
El padre

Martin Scorsese hails THE CUT as “a genuine hand-made epic.” 1915 The Turkish police rounds up all the Armenian men. Nazareth is separated from his family. Years later, after surviving the horrors of the genocide, he hears that his two daughters are still alive. He becomes fixated on the idea of finding them. His search takes him from the Mesopotamian deserts to Cuba… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2014 / 138 Min / 12+
Das finstere Tal

A stranger arrives in a small mountain village. He introduces himself as a photographer from America. The town patriarch, Old Brenner, provides him with shelter for the harsh winter ahead. When the village is cut off by snowfall , a tragic accident leads to the death of one of Brenners beloved sons. When another son is mysteriously killed, it is clear this… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2014 / 115 Min / 12+
Die Lebenden

25-year-old Sita (Anna Fischer) used to be indifferent about her family history, until one day, on her beloved Grandfather’s birthday, she discovers a torn-up photograph of him in Nazi uniform.  The finding intrigues her curiosity to find out what her family was doing during World War II.  Sita’s determination urges her to take time off… Read more »

Austria Austria / 2012 / 100 min / 12+

In 1939, Karl arrives on a small island in the Baltic Sea to work as the assistant of lighthouse master Hasselbond who lives there with his wife and 2 children. Hasselbond is a tyrant and authorative. He turns Karl down. But Karl decides to stay. He makes friends with Hasselbond’s son, Gustaf. Their friendship changes… Read more »

Finland Finland / 2014 / 93 min. / 17+