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Winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Cannes Film Festival 2011 and a Golden Globe nominee for Best Foreign Language Film, the deeply moving new film by the Dardenne brothers (L’enfant, Rosetta) delves into the emotional life of troubled 11-year-old Cyril (newcomer Thomas Doret). When his father (Jérémie Renier) abandons him, Cyril obsessively searches for… Read more »

Belgium Belgium / 2011 / 87 min / G

Ex-Labour MP George Galloway presents this crowd-funded documentary which highlights former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair’s, alleged destruction of the Labour party, the hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians who have died following his decision to invade Iraq and Blair’s well-remunerated business interests since he left office in 2007 – in Galloway’s view, Blair’s “three… Read more »

UK UK / 2016 / 95 Min / 17+
Kuningas Litmanen

THE KING is a story of the famous Finnish professional football (soccer) player and icon JariLitmanen, often referred as the “king” or “artist”. This is a film about what it takes to make it in football but it’s also a personal exploration revealing who Litmanen really is – the family man, the human being.  THE… Read more »

Finland Finland / 2012 / 107 min / G
The Last Black Sea Pirates

For 20 years, Captain Jack the Whale and his crew have been drinking, dreaming and hunting for a treasure buried in the gully of Karadere – Black Sea, the pristine beach they call home. But someone else has got wind of Karadere’s treasures. When news of imminent change begins to find its way to this… Read more »

Bulgaria Bulgaria / 2013 / 72 min. / 12+

Emma Blank (Marlies Heuer) is dying. And nobody seems particularly bothered, really. Nobody except Emma herself, and for her part she’s determined to milk every ounce of power she can out of her imminent demise. She is cold, demanding, fickle. She is dying, dammit, and a dying woman should get everything she wants. So if… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2011 / 89 min / G
Le Petit Prince

A little girl lives with her overbearing mother, who tries to prepare her for the grown-up world. Her neighbor, the Aviator, introduces the girl to an extraordinary world where anything is possible, the world of the Little Prince. The Litle Prince centers on a pilot who crashes in the Sahara desert and meets a young prince, who has fallen to Earth from his home… Read more »

France France / 2015 / 108 Min / G
Le Petit Prince

A little girl lives with her overbearing mother, who tries to prepare her for the grown-up world. Her neighbor, the Aviator, introduces the girl to a world where anything is possible, the world of the Little Prince. – Seorang gadis kecil tinggal bersama ibunya yang sangat perhatian. Ibu menyiapkan putrinya menghadapi dunia orang dewasa. Tetangga mereka, seorang pilot, memperkenalkan gadis itu pada dunia… Read more »

France France / 2015 / 108 Min / G
The Lobster

A love story set in the near future where single people, according to the rules of The City, are arrested and transferred to The Hotel. There they are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days. If they fail, they are transformed into an animal of their choosing and released into The Woods. A desperate Man escapes from The Hotel… Read more »

Ireland Ireland / 2015 / 118 Min / 12+
Het Geheim

Ben Stikker and his father are huge fans of magic and spend their time trying to perfect and perform the tricks for their act Stikker and Son. Their hero is well-known magician Hans Smid, who is famous for his vanishing trick. Ben and Koos begin studying the trick. While the father is more than a… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2010 / 90 min. / G

While on vacation in Switzerland, Bob Lawrence and his wife Jill befriend jovial Frenchman Louis Bernard. Not long afterward, Louis is murdered. Before dying he whispers vital information in Bobs’ ear about the assassination of a foreign dignitary. This is witnessed by several foreign agents, who kidnap Bobs’ daughter to keep him from revealing what… Read more »

UK UK / 1934 / 75 Min / 12+
The Mill & the Cross

Three veteran actors – Rutger Hauer, Michael York and Charlotte Rampling – perform as the only three named-characters in this visually hypnotic film.  THE MILL AND THE CROSS explores the creative process and thorough interpretation of the Pieter Bruegel’s masterpiece – ‘The Procession to Cavalry’ (1564).  Over 500 characters in the Bruegel’s painting come to… Read more »

Poland Poland / 2011 / 92 min / 12+
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones

Clary is not an average teenage girl.  She realizes the extent of her above-averageness after she sees a particular symbol everywhere she goes.  Soon after she sees this loaded symbol in the foam head of her cappuccino, Clary’s world is turned upside down.  Musclebound, leather-clad heavies attack her home and force her mother Jocelyn and… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2013 / 130 min. / 12+
Le mystère Picasso

Pablo Picasso collaborated with filmmaker Henri-Georges Clouzot (The Wages of Fear) to create this 1956 pseudo-documentary on the genius at work.  Using a specially designed transparent ‘canvas’ to provide an unobstructed view, Picasso creates as the camera rolls.  The film begins with Picasso creating simple marker drawings in black and white, gradually progressing to full… Read more »

France France / 1956 / 78 min / 12+
Les nouvelles aventures d'Aladin

On Christmas Eve, Sam and his best friend Khalid dress up as Santa so that they can steal as much as they can from a department store. But Sam gets cornered by some children and must tell them a story… the story of Aladdin… well, at least, his version. – Pada malam natal, Sam dan… Read more »

France France / 2015 / 107 Min / G
Kita svajoniu komanda

THE OTHER DREAM TEAM documents the Lithuanians’ experiences behind the Iron Curtain, where elite athletes were subjected to brutalities of Communist rule. As they hid from KGB agents and feared for their lives, Lithuania’s basketball stars always shared a common goal – to utilize their athletic gifts to help free their country. When Lithuanian team… Read more »

Lithuania Lithuania / 2012 / 89 min / 12+