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directors :
Danilo Serbedzija
cast :
Rade Serbedzija, Kresimir Mikic, Bogdan Diklic
Croatia Croatia / 2010 / 93 min / 12+
synopsis :

Grandpa Djuradj has departed this world, but his American pension is still paid to his widow Nedja (Mira Banjac) and is the only source of income for the Paripovic family.  When Nedja suddenly dies, the head of the family, Mane (Rade Serbedzija) devises a cunning plan to ensure that the family continues to receive the pension.  Everyone is thrilled by the idea, apart from Mane’s nephew Branko (Kresimir Mikic), whose only desire is to escape from his relatives as soon as he possibly can.

72 DAYS is a first feature by Danilo Serbedzija, boasting a strong ensemble cast composed of some of the biggest ex-Yugoslav screen stars and some of the most promising Croatian acting talent.  It is a small-town comedy that centers on family loyalty, the strains of poverty and copious amounts of home-brewed alcohol.

festival & awards
Winner Best Film Balkan Film Award
Winner Audience Award Liége International Crime Film Fest
Winner Best Leading Actor Golden Arena - Pula Film Fest

Strong performances elevate this dark film about a family
trying to milk the system for a dead aunt’s pension money.
Stephen Farber, The Hollywood Reporter

In his first feature, Danilo Šerbedžija does a decent job mixingthe physical humour
that the story implies with more serious themes.
John Hazelton, Screen Daily