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When Isak meets Em during a night in Stockholm, everything changes for both of them. A whirlwind romance on a spontaneous road trip. Isak wants Em and Em wants more. Ketika Isak bertemu Em suatu malam di Stockholm, semua pun berubah. Romansa yang berlanjut pada sebuah perjalanan yang spontan. Isak menginginkan Em, namun Em menginginkan… Read more »

Sweden Sweden / 2015 / 106 minutes / 17+

A Pulitzer Prize-winning author checks himself in a mental health facility after the death of his wife, sending his daughter to live with his sister-in-law. Years later, the daughter goes on endless journeys to find who she really is. Seorang penulis pemenang Pulitzer Prize mendaftarkan dirinya ke fasilitas kesehatan mental setelah kematian istrinya, dan mengirimkan… Read more »

Italy Italy / 2015 / 116 minutes / 17+

Félicité, a proud and free-willed bar singer in Kinshasa must admit she needs help from Tabu, one of the regulars in her bar as she struggles to find funds for her hospitalized son. Félicité, seorang penyanyi bar di Kinshasa, terpaksa mengakui bahwa ia membutuhkan bantuan dari Tabu, salah satu pelanggan di bar tempat ia bekerja,… Read more »

France France / 2017 / 123 minutes / 17+

Based on the memoir by Peter Turner who falls in love with a Hollywood leading lady Gloria Grahame in 1978 Liverpool. Their playful and passionate relationship is tested when Gloria is diagnosed with breast cancer. Film ini berdasarkan biografi karya Peter Turner yang jatuh cinta dengan aktris papan atas Hollywood, Gloria Grahame, pada tahun 1978… Read more »

UK UK / 2017 / 105 minutes / 17+

This film reveals in an audacious investigation the mechanics and perils of cargo shipping; an all-but-visible industry that relentlessly supplies 7 billion humans and holds the key to our economy, our environment and the very model of our civilisation. Film ini mengungkap sebuah investigasi yang berani tentang mekanika dan bahayanya perkapalan kargo; sebuah industri besar… Read more »

Spain Spain / 2016 / 90 minutes / 12+

Every member of the Laurents, a bourgeois French family, has a skeleton in their closet waiting to come out. They are also oblivious to the human misery unfolding in the refugee camps a few miles from their home. Setiap anggota keluarga Laurent yang kaya raya dan terpandang asal Perancis memiliki rahasia gelap yang siap terkuak… Read more »

France France / 2017 / 107 minutes / 17+

This is the journey an MP (Missing Person), who travels from country to country, has comic encounters, and gains insights of the complexity of life in the 21st century. He tries not only to collect his lost memory, but also his identity. Ini adalah perjalanan OH (Orang Hilang) dari satu negara ke negara lain, mengalami… Read more »

Netherlands Netherlands / 2016 / 95 minutes / 12+
Haus Ohne Dach

Three siblings, born in Iraq and raised in Germany, retun to their ancestral village to bury their mother. They must face the large Kurdish family they left behind, while at one point lose their mother’s coffin. Tiga bersaudara yang lahir di Irak dan dibesarkan di Jerman, kembali ke kampung halaman untuk menguburkan ibu mereka. Tak… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2016 / 117 minutes / 12+
Tiszta szívvel

Two disabled teenagers work together to create a graphic novel about Rupaszov, a badass wheelchaired assassin. The boundaries between reality and fiction blur as the teenagers interact with their protagonist. Dua remaja penyandang cacat bekerja sama menciptakan novel grafis tentang Rupaszov, seorang pembunuh yang duduk di kursi roda. Batas antara realita dan khayalan mulai kabur… Read more »

Hungary Hungary / 2016 / 103 minutes / 17+

The King of the Belgians wasn’t in his country when it falls apart. When a solar storm causes him not to be able to fly or even phone home, he embarks on a journey across the border with the help of a British filmmaker and a troupe of Bulgarian folk singers. At the same time,… Read more »

Belgium Belgium / 2016 / 94 minutes / 12+
Under sandet

Inspired by real events after World War II, a group of German prisoners of war was forced to remove land mines on a Denmark beach Despite being treated with hostility and rudeness by the Danes, the boys kept their hopes of returning home. Terinspirasi dari kejadian nyata setelah Perang Dunia II, sekelompok tawanan perang Jerman… Read more »

UK UK / 2015 / 101 minutes / 17+
Piata Lod

Ten-year-old Jarka yearns for a family but she couldn’t find it in her mother. When she finds twin babies abandoned at the train station, suddenly her maternal instincts kick in. Jarka yang berumur 10 tahun mendambakan keluarga harmonis namun ia tidak merasakannya dari sang Ibu. Saat dia menemukan bayi kembar yang ditinggal di stasiun kereta,… Read more »

Slovakia Slovakia / 2017 / 90 minutes / 12+
Długa Droga

The director of the film travels to India to find the woman she met six years before with whom she bonded spiritually. Equipped with only a rosary given by the woman and a picture, she searches but doesn’t know the woman’s name nor where she is from, this often leads to her being ridiculed by… Read more »

Poland Poland / 2016 / 58 minutes / 12+

Marie Curie was the first woman to receive a nobel prize for Physics. After her husband died, she works hard on continuing her researches in a world dominated by men. She then falls in love with a married scientist and starts a life scandal by having a love affair with him. Marie Curie merupakan perempuan… Read more »

Germany Germany / 2016 / 100 minutes / 12+

When Iva and Maya’s father falls into comatose, Iva shuts herself down while her younger half-sister tries out ways to wake their father. Maya gradually comes up with more drastic ideas of how to wake her father. Ketika ayah Iva dan Maya mengalami koma, Iva mengurung diri sementara sang adik mencoba berbagai cara untuk membangunkan… Read more »

Bulgaria Bulgaria / 2016 / 93 minutes / 12+