A Taste of Hunger

A Taste of Hunger | Smagen af sult

Denmark | 2021 | Drama | 104 minutes | 17+ | Danish with English subtitles

Director  : Christoffer Boe

Cast         : Katrine Greis-Rosenthal, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Flora Augusta


Maggie and Carsten run Malus, a popular restaurant in Denmark that is yet to receive a Michelin star. In their tireless chase after the star, the couple is willing to sacrifice anything, including their relationship.

Maggie dan Carsten adalah pemilik Malus, sebuah restoran populer di Denmark yang belum mendapat bintang Michelin. Demi mendapatkan bintang tersebut, mereka berdua rela mengorbankan apapun, termasuk hubungan mereka.


A savoury foodie drama that will leave you wanting more.” – Michael Nordine (Variety)


Accolades :

  • Nominees for Best Original Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Visual Effects, Best Sound & Best Make-up, Danish Film Awards (Robert) 2022


Watch on Festival Scope from 20-30 June 2022

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Program Details

Event Details

Date Time Venue
17 June 16.00 WIB Erasmus Huis (Auditorium)
18 June 18.30 WIB SAE Indonesia
24 June 16.30 WIB IFI LIP Yogyakarta
20-30 June - Festival Scope

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