I’m Your Man

I’m Your Man | Ich bin dein Mensch

Germany | 2021 | Comedy, Romance | 108 minutes | 17+ | German with English subtitles

Director  : Maria Schrader

Cast         : Maren Eggert, Dan Stevens, Sandra Hüller




In order to obtain research funds for her studies, scientist Alma participates in an experiment where she must live with a handsome humanoid robot tailored to her character and needs. Initially disinterested, Alma finds herself questioning love, longing and what makes a human human.

Demi mendapatkan dana riset, seorang ilmuwan bernama Alma berpartisipasi di sebuah eksperimen di mana ia harus hidup bersama robot berbentuk manusia tampan yang diprogram khusus untuknya. Awalnya Alma tidak tertarik, namun lama kelamaan ia mulai mempertanyakan cinta dan apa yang membuat seorang manusia manusia.


Accolades :

  • Germany’s official submission for Best International Feature, Academy Awards 2022
  • Best Acting Performance, Berlin International Film Festival 2021
  • Best Lead Actress, Best Direction, Best Screenplay, Best Film, German Film Awards 2021


Program Details

Event Details

Date Time Venue
19 June 19.00 WIB GoetheHaus
26 June 19.00 WIB Erasmus Huis (Auditorium)

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