Kids Cup

Kids Cup | Bortebane

Norway | 2021 | Documentary, Sport | 89 minutes | G | Norwegian with English subtitles

Director  : Line Hatland


The film follows five teenagers from different countries who train hard before going to Oslo, Norway, to take part in the Norway Cup, one of the largest sports tournaments for children.

Film ini mengikuti 5 remaja dari negara berbeda yang berlatih keras sebelum berangkat ke Oslo, Norwegia, untuk berpartisipasi di Norway Cup, salah satu turnamen olahraga terbesar untuk anak-anak. 


Accolades :

  • Best Documentary, Olympia International Film Festival for Children and Young People 2021
  • Best Documentary, Zlín International Film Festival for Children and Youth 2021

Watch on Festival Scope from 20-30 June 2022

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Program Details

Event Details

Date Time Venue
18 June 13.00 WIB GoetheHaus
19 June 16.30 WIB IFI LIP Yogyakarta
20-30 June - Festival Scope

Q&A with filmmaker at 24 June 2022, 17.00 WIB

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