The Five Golden Rules of Acting

An intensive workshop on how to know yourself and act with simple and specific practice. For 37 years, Riotta has been working as an actor in many stage plays, television shows and films, such as Under The Tuscan Sun, The Two Popes and the upcoming House of Gucci, directed by Ridley Scott.

Kelas intensif mengenai bagaimana berakting dengan cara latihan yang sederhana dan spesifik. Selama 37 tahun, Riotta sudah bekerja sebagai aktor di pementasan teater, acara televisi dan film, seperti Under the Tuscan Sun, The Two Popes, dan film terbaru Ridley Scott, House of Gucci.

Program Details

6 September 2021 00:00

Program Details

6-7 September 2021

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